Saturday, October 25

Chilly Friends : Charlotte NC Halloween Costume Portraits : Candy Howard

Cute, cute, cute!
Here's a preview of this dynamic duo in this year's Halloween costumes.
More to come! Such fun!

 This bouquet was mom's idea.  And she made it!
Check out more of their great costumes:
Lifesize Elves
Cleopatra and the Mummy
Alice and the White Rabbit

Thanks so much, A!

Monday, October 13

Kannapolis Concord NC Newborn Photographer : Baby B at 9 days : Candy Howard

Come on in and take a peek at sweet B's nursery...
...that charcoal and red is just gorgeous...
...the airplanes, the Snoopies (Snoopys?), oh my!
Such a wonderful place for baby B.
and speaking of, here is the main event...cozy in mama's arms.
Isn't he beautiful?
He was just 9 days old for our newborn session.
And this might be the cutest "I'm all done." face I've ever seen.
Thank you, thank you, Mom and Dad!  It was great to meet you!

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Monday, October 6

Lake Norman NC Family Photographer : 2014 Fall Mini Sessions : Candy Howard

Open to current clients first - if we've had a session, you're a current client!
Please comment, email or phone with your preferred time.

Monday, September 29

Mooresville NC Family and Pet Photographer : Bella and Co. : Candy Howard

I have been lucky enough to photograph this sweet family since before big brother was born!
This time, we got Bella, their gorgeous pup, in on the fun!
Thank you so much, M and J!

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Lake Norman Senior Photographer : Ebby and Danielle : Candy Howard

These two lovely friends hopped on a plane from Massachusetts for their senior shoots with me!

Okay, fine, they were planning college visits with the fabulous Jen,
but I am so, so glad were were able to coordinate their visits with a senior shoot!
(Side note: Ebby, Davidson College is a fantastic school.
I am not influenced by proximity at all.  Go Wildcats!)
It was great to meet Danielle and see little Ebby again.
Alright, so she's not 10 anymore,
but I still see that cute little muffin that I saw when I met her for the first time.
Take a look at these smiles!  I will post one of Ebby and her beautiful mom soon!
Ebby and Danielle, I hope you have a wonderful senior year!  I am so happy for you both!

And, my sweet friend, Jen, it was such a treat to see you!

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