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I am huge believer in paying it forward, so with that in mind, here are some of my favorite things . . .

I love my Shootsac! It is just the easiest, second-nature thing I have in my bag arsenal. Keeps everything you need close at hand while still being comfortable. And I am not influenced at all by their stellar covers!

If you are local to NC, we have the BEST group of photographers around! I am honored to call the gang at Photo Focus Network my "coworkers" and friends. Check them out and apply to the pro forum. There is no substitute for a local network.

My gear of choice is Canon. The range of SLR options along with awesome glass is a great combo!

For equipment purchases, B & H and Amazon are usually spot on.  If you find it for much less than their prices, it's probably too good to be true.

When the situation allows, custom white balance is a beautiful thing. I've been using this target for a while, and I am really enjoying it. The bonus is you can also check exposure at the same time you check white balance!  If you'd rather have something smaller, this cute little grey card from Digital Image Flow fits right on your keychain!

For batteries, I use eneloops. Love, love eneloops! Yes, I am excited about batteries.

If I use a flash on-camera, it always has a Demb diffuser on it.  I've tried so many different diffusers and flash modifiers, and the Flip-It is the best!

A great framer is a wonderful resource. I recommend Four Corners Framing and Gallery to my clients.

I use these file jackets to organize model releases, working (and eventually back-up) DVD's and anything else having to do with sessions. Each client/session gets a folder. I've tried storing all the model releases together, all orders together, you get the idea. This is so much faster.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a network of photographers who volunteer their services for infant bereavement photography. It is such a worthy organization. If you can volunteer, please check out the site at NILMDTS.

Check back periodically for updates.

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