Fresh | Lake Norman : Mooresville Newborn Photographer

Ahh, newborns. I just love them. Seriously, what is more adorable than a fresh new life? If you are looking into a newborn session, 6-12 days old is ideal because they are still so tiny and curly and baby acne usually hasn't set in yet.

Without further ado, meet baby R . . .

I love her little toes poking out in this one and the next one!

I was pretty happy to be able to use this wrap because I made it!
Don't get excited - it was just a Nifty Knitter, but I was still proud of it!


  1. Love the shop in the wicker basket!

  2. I'm learning how to knit! I want to make one...share with me. :)

    And ditto--love that basket!

  3. I had been wondering if the nifty knitter would work for that. I have something to try now!

    Beautiful pictures. :)

  4. Okay, use the extra large hoop and a big chunky yarn. You'll be done in about an hour!


  5. these are precious. Great job on the wrap. I love baby toes sticking out of the wraps. So cute.


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