chp on Yankee Candles!

This has been in the works for several weeks now, and I was so excited to get my samples yesterday!
Yankee Candle is using two of my images for the promotion of their custom candles.
They make great gifts: birth announcements, retirement, birthdays, you name it!

Both images they chose are of one my favorite little girls in the world.
I know we are not technically related, but I love Miss L like a niece.
I have had the pleasure of watching her grow from a teeny preemie to the precocious almost three year old she is today.
(Take a look here and here. She is too cute!)
I look forward to years of that sweet smile. My boys love her, too. Thanks, Ash!

Thanks, Joy!!

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  1. Look at my BEAUTIFUL little Girl! Candy, you're the best. We love you so much, and love having you as our sole, FABULOUS photographer.


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