Stop and see the lights 12/15

First off, I think we are going to be able see this through to the 24th. I'll be honest, finding time every day when so much on my to do list is looming has been hard (I'm sure my high school English teachers would cringe at the construction of that sentence).  It has also been wonderful.  I have had to literally pull myself away from the computer a few times.  And the world didn't end.  I hopped back on after my guys went to bed.  I haven't had one of those "where did the day go" days in, oh, 15 days.  So, I definitely plan to keep this up, after the holidays, too.  I know we'll have days where it doesn't happen, but I don't want a life where a few calm minutes with my family most days isn't possible (ugh, double negatives..clearly my English skills are slipping).

Second, on to the fun stuff!  Today the boys made a gift for someone who may or may not be reading, so that's all I have to say about that.

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