Stop and see the lights 12/19

Day two of the snow!! S asked me to come back outside with him, and when I did, I got to working helping him build a snow castle. Well, he didn't want my help; he just wanted "company." (love) So, we worked side by side because I knew if just sat there and watched him, my biscuit would be back inside in about 5 minutes. He was hard at work on a super snow castle, and I started a snow fort (buckets of snow in a square - that's a snow fort, really).  J came out to work on it, too.  Soon, they were both working on the fort, and even darkness and falling temps didn't stop them. (I was back inside by this time. Not very 'stop and see the lights' of me, but it was cold!) Pictures soon!

We watched Elf after warming up. The boys had never seen it and they laughed out so many times.
It was fun to watch it with them.

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