Huntersville Children's Photographer : Playtime!

Cute L and I had a session for her first birthday last year, and this year I got to play with her adorable brothers, too!  They introduced me to Zhu Zhu pets!  Fun!!

I couldn't decide if liked the silly one or the other one, so I posted both!
I try to keep things even if I can and post the same amount of images for each sibling, but I just love this one of L, so I had to post it, too. It makes me think of a far away time and place -very Secret Garden.
Thanks again, C!  So good to see you guys!
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This time last year:


  1. The silly one! You like the silly one~! (I'm using the Force.)

  2. How cute! I love that the pup is making a silly face too :)


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