Huntersville Family Photographer : The G's!

I was so excited to do this session! These girls are so much fun!

Mooresville Family Photographer : Family Fun

Oh, my goodness, I just love this session!  I posted a few a couple days ago, and these are more from the that same sweet family.  

Definitely a favorite!
Aren't they just beautiful?
Gee, I wonder where they get it from?
This series makes me smile!

Snuggle Puppies!  (Read that book if you haven't.  So fun!)
Thanks again, M & J!  Loved spending the morning with you and seeing how much the girls have grown!

Sweet Sisters : Mooresville Family Photographer

I just loved this session. Such a fun, kind and loving family. Their girls are just beautiful and too, too sweet!

Thanks, M & J!  More to come soon!

Bonnie Boardman Handcrafted Jewelry Designs : Commercial Photographer

After a week long hiatus, we're back in business! I don't think all four of us have ever been sick at the same time before. I could go a long time without it happening again! Anyway, first up is a few things for you to drool over. Bonnie Boardman creates some of the most beautiful jewelry. Her work is deceptively simple...meaning not at all when you take closer look. And you will want to take a closer look. Her designs are very clever, too. You can find her work online and in Sanctuary, one of my favorite places.

Mooresville Children's Photographer : Back to School with Mary Poppins

What was that, you say? We had a fun little back to school mini session AND
a 'I have an idea for a contest, let me borrow your kid for just a minute' session.

This is my entry for the Mary Poppins Magical Umbrella contest.  The winner gets four tickets to see Mary Poppins!  You were to create and then photograph your own magical umbrella.  Now, nowhere could I find an entry deadline, so who knows, it may be too late.  Either way, it was fun!