We've all done it - heard bad news and rush to cling to the ones we love.  We all say things like that put into perspective what's really important in life.  I want perspective without tragedy.  I want to walk the fine line of treasuring every gift and knowing it can be over any second. Yesterday, I heard the trials of life compared to lifting weights.  When you lift, you are actually breaking muscle fibers.  Doesn't sound very fun, does it?  But when the muscles heal, they are stronger for the weight that was put on them.  We are stronger for the trials we face.  A friend who was dealt several tragic blows within a short time told me, very peacefully, that she felt the first two helped prepare her for the last and most difficult.  I was awestruck at her ability to see that.  That is not to say that she or any of us will not suffer again.  There is no answer to why things happen.  But we can look at the what and know that it is not in vain.  We are stronger.  And hopefully, closer to that line.  Living each day like the gift it is without fearing tomorrow.  Perspective without tragedy.