Note to photographers: Don't forget about your kids, family, pets, anyone who makes you smile!

I am a paper planner kind of gal.  I just am.  Don't try to convert me.  This year, I decided to make my own planner and add just what I need and some images, too.  Well, it was so much fun!  I found some gems that I had forgotten about.  I will usually take what I need from a session with my boys and then move on.  For this project, though, I needed 54 images.  Doesn't sound like much when my kids are 10 and 9, right?  I searched all our files and even went all the way back to my film days filing through scans and negatives looking for just the right images.  What I found was the dirt on my eldest's face after a day outside.  The smile on my youngest during a his first time on a tire swing.  For whatever reason, I had passed these by.  Others are forgotten favorites that now live on my computer.  I am ashamed to say that only one of the these images is in my house.  Not for long.  I am going to practice what I preach with these forgotten treats.  I tell clients who purchase files to use them, don't just leave them in their case.  So, photographers, it's not enough to make time to shoot your own loved ones.  You need to enjoy those images, too.  Make them come to life.  I am looking at no less than a few canvases and that sand-heart-shadow-deal is going to be a big print with a metallic palette knife texture
(a-ma-zing!).  And a book.  Definitely a book.

And my planner?  Is awesome.  Pen and all.  Howard out.


  1. Hey! on Smarty Pants one of the Smarty Moms (Lori Martin) was featured and has a GREAT planner, family book - The company is Purple Martin & Co and I had her do a book for me and I use it EVERY DAY! Love it. Just a thought :) Miss you CHP - Museler Out!

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