Charlotte Photographer : It's like opening a gift....

...because it is.

This is a 10x10 baby's first year storybook that I delivered yesterday.  I love storybook delivery days. :)

We start with a black presentation box and a protective slipcover.
It's almost time...
Beautiful canvas cover
                                    Rounded corners to protect pages                                Close up of canvas texture
Close up of professional binding
Close up of gutter and page thickness
20x10 spread

The storybook is our signature offering.
Pause this moment in the life of your family with this heirloom book.
As your family grows and changes, you can look back and reminisce with...

a stunning image cover to catch your breath every time you see it
beautiful images to remember those faces, smiles & gestures
storytelling layouts to see the relationships & interactions
favorite quotes, prayers or a handwritten note from you for the most personal touch

What do you want to remember?

With the storybook, you get all your images without deciding where to put them all.
It is a keepsake for you now, and, for your children as they grow - an incredible look into what their lives were like.
It is love made visible.

Available in 12x12, 10x10 (the most popular choice) and 8x8.

The storybooks are also available as part of a collection for a substantial savings. 

Call today to get yours.

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  1. That storybook is beautiful! I especially love how you did the cover!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us!

  3. That is simply beautiful. I love the canvas cover. Very high end and unique.


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