Tuesday Tip : ELAN Card Charlotte

This week, we're talking with Dana Blake, one of the founders of  ELAN Card Charlotte.
Keep reading...you're gonna want to know about this!

Tell us about ELAN Card:
ELAN Card Charlotte is a lifetime discount program for women and their families in Charlotte.

When did ELAN Card start?
October 2010 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Best reason to have an ELAN Card?
The “lifetime” aspect of it!  These deals and discounts will never expire.  You can use your card over and over and over again at places like Wolfman Pizza and TCBY to feed your family, entertain your kids, shop til your heart’s content, and indulge!

Your favorite thing about ELAN Card?
The support it gives our local businesses.  It’s a networking and support system for the vendors involved as well as a budget saving program for the members.  In this economy, what better way to support your local businesses.

Favorite local business/places to shop etc: 
On the card:  TCBY and Omega Sports.  Not on the card, “yet”, Blacklion and Brooklyn Pizza.

The best thing about buying local?
Supporting your local small businesses and producing community involvement.
Sounds fantastic, right?  You can get your own  ELAN Card here.
You can also find them on Facebook.

Because she rocks, Dana has gifted us not one, but three ELAN cards!!!  Want one?  Of course you do!  Comment on this post that you want one in your hot little hands.  Want a bonus entry?  Go to the ELAN Card Charlotte's Facebook page, and tell them you are a new fan sent from @Candy Howard Photography, and leave a separate comment here that you did that.  Deadline for entries is midnight Wednesday.  Winners will be drawn by random number generator. 

Thank you sooooooooooo much, Dana!


  1. I want one! How did I not know?! Thanks for enlightening me!! :)

  2. left some love on their fb page :)

  3. I would LOVE one for me and my family please :-)

  4. So cool!! I didn't know about them either. Thanks for spreading the word!

    PS - I did the whole comment thing...!


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