Wonderland Styled Session : Charlotte Child Photographer : Candy Howard

This fun, fun session is from October 2010.  The blog post is MIA, though, so I'm making another one!  (Thanks, Ashley for letting me know!) 

Note:  There are lots of images in this post because it was hard to pick favorites!

So, on to the backstory: Mom had the idea to dress her children up in their adorable Halloween costumes for a shoot at a garden.  Loved it!  Loved it even more when she said I could shoot whatever I wanted!  We had so much fun thinking up different ideas and props, and we had a great time at the shoot.  Here are some highlights, and you can see the slideshow with the perfect song by Rabbit! here

 Thanks so much Ashley, for inviting me to Wonderland!


  1. Of all the amazing times and photo sessions I've had with you Candy, this is my favorite. Thank you so much for posting these. I'm pinning them all over the universe. People need to know how amazing you are.


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