New calendars and a giveaway!

These new calendars are so cute!  Each comes with a memo sized clip board with a low profile clip and 6 double sided 5x7 cards featuring 12 images of your favorite faces!
Every month has a different design.  

I know most of us have electronic calendars and/or large family wall calendars, but I have these fun sized calendars in a couple different places around the house and they really come in handy - plus they just make me smile!  Look at all the places you can put them!

Calendars are $40 and available even if we didn't have a shoot together this year.
Call or email to order yours!

But wait! There's more!  Since it's almost New Year's Eve (my husband's birthday!),
I'm giving away a calendar to one lucky person! 

Enter below!  Giveaway ends as the New Year begins! (12:00am January 1, 2014)

Note: If you have already bought a calendar and you are the winner, I will either refund your purchase price or you can get another calendar!

2013 Christmas Cards! : Lake Norman Photographer

They're here! They're here! Get your cards now!
Quick delivery and envelopes available when payment is received.

See the full catalog here:
2013 Christmas Cards

Call or email to order.  While you're looking at the catalog, be sure to refresh.
Once a card is purchased, it is removed from this year offerings. 

The catalog will take a bit to load because images are large
so that you can view your favorites up close.

Charlotte Maternity Photographer : Mirna

We raced against the rain, but still got some beautiful images of the beautiful Mirna. More soon!

Mooresville Senior Photography : Alex : Class of 2014

Here's a little preview for Alex.  More after she sees them!

Marvelous Mitranis : Part 2 : Mooresville Family Portraits

After a quick clothing change, we were ready for more fun.
Look at these little ladies!  Just beautiful!!
We couldn't leave out the pups!
Thank you so, so much!  Loved seeing all of you!  And meeting your newest pup, too! 

Marvelous Mitranis : Part 1 :Lake Norman Family Photography

I always know I'm in for a treat when Michelle books a shoot!
She is super talented on many fronts, and I love her style.
Plus, her family is so, so sweet to me and up for anything!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Mr. P and Co. : Cornelius NC Family Photography

When Miss J said she wanted to schedule a shoot, I almost squealed!  I have L.O.V.E.D our time together in the past, so I couldn't wait for this next session!  This family is so, so sweet and fun and easy going.  I could go on and on, but I really love how much they enjoy each other's company.  Being with them makes you want to go hug your loved ones because they are just so wonderful to each other. 
Thank you, J, S and, of course, Mr. P!! 

Busy (and Bigger) Elves : Christmas and Halloween Photography : Candy Howard

Each year, this bunch's mom comes up with a fun idea for Halloween and their Christmas cards.
See our Wonderland shoot and our Cleopatra and the Mummy shoot if you haven't yet.
Really.  Go on.  We'll wait.

Are you back?  Crazy cute, right?

Well, this year year, she thought it would be fun for her littles to be bigger versions of
those famous elves that sit on shelves and to record some of their antics...

And then this happened...
Pounds and pounds and pounds of flour and sugar + two happy kiddos = a super fun Christmas card!

Davidson North Carolina Family Portraits : The Millers

I have been lucky enough to photograph this family for a few years now,
and I have such a great time with them!
Mom and dad are super sweet and the kiddos are just adorable.
And smart.  And funny.  I love our time together!

Thanks so much!!

Just lovely : Davidson Lake Norman Maternity Portraits

As I was putting this post together, I heard the news that this mommy to be is now a mommy!  

Congratulations, Whitney and Anthony!

And welcome, welcome baby Berklee!
Take a look at your beautiful parents as they were anxiously waiting for your arrival...

Tuesday Tip : What to Wear...On Your Nails

The Tuesday Tip is a few hours early!

So, you have just the right outfits for you AND your family!  Nice work!  But one often overlooked detail is nail color.  It doesn't make a glaring difference, but it is a fun detail to play with. 

It is no secret that I love Essie!  My go to color for sessions has been a light grey for several years.  This year, though, I'm seeing a lot of beige, and I love it just as much!

Here are some color recs:
(images are just below descriptions)

Sand Tropez - a light beige  
My top beige so far - simple, neutral and polished
If you can't find this color, Revlon's Elegant is very close.
(Wearing this now!)

Jazz - a little darker beige
A very pretty neutral if you want more depth.

Master Plan - a light, soft grey
This stock image looks more beige than grey, but it's grey.  See detail image below.

Chinchilly - a darker grey, but still soft
This one has been a favorite for years.  It can photograph a little dark, so make sure your outfit has some dark colors as well if you use this one.

Mink Muffs - a medium brown with grey undertones
Another favorite in general, not just for shoots.  It can photograph a little dark, too, so use the same guidelines as Chinchilly.

Want some color instead of the neutrals?

Merino Cool - a medium greyish purple 
Yet another Essie fav.  This color goes with so much! 

In Stitches- a medium mauve-y pink 
A new Essie find!  It looks great on!
(Wore this for our family shoot last fall!)

Check out more at Essie's site.

And, no, I am not affiliated with, nor am I being compensated by, Essie.
I just know some great colors when I see them!

Good to note: Watch how dark your color is if you like black and white images.
Dark nail colors tend to look black in print.

Also, if you'd rather not use nail color, just take a quick look at your hands to make sure they look the way you want them to in your images - for example, no polish residue in the corners, trimmed nicely to your desired length and no hangnails.

Image Source:

Vasudev : Concord Charlotte Newborn Baby Photographer

After our maternity session (check it out here and here!), I couldn't wait to meet this little one! Beautiful, beautiful boy!
Thanks so much, A and S!  Welcome to parenthood!

Matilda Jane Trunk Show anyone?

I'm looking at hosting a Matilda Jane trunk show in October.
Let me know if you'd be interested in coming.
Also, do you have any preference between weekday or weekend?

Check out the MJ site if you haven't seen their clothes. Soooooo cute!

Carter Rose : Mooresville Lake Norman NC Newborn Portraits

Oh, little Carter Rose, you are so loved.  Watching you with your big sister was especially wonderful.  You two will have such great times together!
Check big sis as a wee babe here!  W & K, you have some insanely cute babies! 
Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to capture them as newborns!