Tuesday Tip : What to Wear...On Your Nails

The Tuesday Tip is a few hours early!

So, you have just the right outfits for you AND your family!  Nice work!  But one often overlooked detail is nail color.  It doesn't make a glaring difference, but it is a fun detail to play with. 

It is no secret that I love Essie!  My go to color for sessions has been a light grey for several years.  This year, though, I'm seeing a lot of beige, and I love it just as much!

Here are some color recs:
(images are just below descriptions)

Sand Tropez - a light beige  
My top beige so far - simple, neutral and polished
If you can't find this color, Revlon's Elegant is very close.
(Wearing this now!)

Jazz - a little darker beige
A very pretty neutral if you want more depth.

Master Plan - a light, soft grey
This stock image looks more beige than grey, but it's grey.  See detail image below.

Chinchilly - a darker grey, but still soft
This one has been a favorite for years.  It can photograph a little dark, so make sure your outfit has some dark colors as well if you use this one.

Mink Muffs - a medium brown with grey undertones
Another favorite in general, not just for shoots.  It can photograph a little dark, too, so use the same guidelines as Chinchilly.

Want some color instead of the neutrals?

Merino Cool - a medium greyish purple 
Yet another Essie fav.  This color goes with so much! 

In Stitches- a medium mauve-y pink 
A new Essie find!  It looks great on!
(Wore this for our family shoot last fall!)

Check out more at Essie's site.

And, no, I am not affiliated with, nor am I being compensated by, Essie.
I just know some great colors when I see them!

Good to note: Watch how dark your color is if you like black and white images.
Dark nail colors tend to look black in print.

Also, if you'd rather not use nail color, just take a quick look at your hands to make sure they look the way you want them to in your images - for example, no polish residue in the corners, trimmed nicely to your desired length and no hangnails.

Image Source: essie.com

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