Lake Norman Senior Photographer : Ebby and Danielle : Candy Howard

These two lovely friends hopped on a plane from Massachusetts for their senior shoots with me!

Okay, fine, they were planning college visits with the fabulous Jen,
but I am so, so glad were were able to coordinate their visits with a senior shoot!
(Side note: Ebby, Davidson College is a fantastic school.
I am not influenced by proximity at all.  Go Wildcats!)
It was great to meet Danielle and see little Ebby again.
Alright, so she's not 10 anymore,
but I still see that cute little muffin that I saw when I met her for the first time.
Take a look at these smiles!  I will post one of Ebby and her beautiful mom soon!
Ebby and Danielle, I hope you have a wonderful senior year!  I am so happy for you both!

And, my sweet friend, Jen, it was such a treat to see you!

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  1. Great pics, Candy! Of course it helps when subjects are so photogenic!! Only slightly prejudiced XO from Bubbe - Ebby grandmother and Danielle's extra grandmother! XO


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