Want to know more?  Here are the most asked questions.

what kind of pictures do you take?
My favorite subjects are
 high school seniors
children & families, furry loves, too
maternity & newborns

a senior with the world at their feet 
those ordinary extraordinary days in the life of a family
the anticipation of parenthood and

wide eyes and big grins
holding hands and bare feet
belly laughs and pensive stares

These are some of my favorite things, and each is one of a kind because they're yours.
The best way to get a feel for my work is to take a look at my images to see if our styles are similar.  Categories are in the menu on the top right.  To view all images, check out the entire blog and my facebook page.
where you are located?
I am based in beautiful Lake Norman, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte, and I have clients from Statesville to Rock Hill.  Please contact me if you are interested in commissioned work out of the area.

how long have you been a photographer?
Since June of 2003.  It’s important to hire a professional who knows how to direct a shoot naturally and how to interact with subjects to put them at ease and get sincere expressions, in addition to the photographic skills and business acumen you expect from a photographer.

do you have a studio?
I have a small home studio that is just right for newborns. A cozy space helps me keep it warm for my littlest clients.  Most sessions are on location.

where will we go?
We’ll talk together in the consultation about the type of session and background you’re looking for and I’ll make location recommendations based on your preferences.  Shooting locations are typically within 20 miles of zip code 28117, and locations outside that range incur a small travel fee.  We can also shoot at your home.

what time will our appointment be?
It depends on if we are shooting indoors at the studio or outdoors, but typically morning and late afternoon/early evening are when I shoot - around sunrise and sunset.  The later sessions are the most popular, and those vary from around 4pm to 7pm depending on the time of year. 

should I schedule in advance?
If you have a specific date, time or day of the week that you’d like to shoot on, then booking about 6 weeks in advance will usually secure just the right spot.  Saturdays book the fastest, followed by Friday afternoons, so if you’d like a weekend session, definitely schedule early. Around the holidays, lead time is around 8 weeks.  That said, if you don’t have anything specific in mind and can shoot on weekdays, I can usually schedule a session in about 2 weeks.

what about newborns?
We can’t tell them when to come, so I tell my expectant moms to get in touch as soon as they are ready to book.  Your due date is put on the schedule, and then just call after your wee one arrives (after some family snuggle time, of course) to set a firm date and time.  I schedule newborns within 14 days after birth, while they are still tiny and baby acne has usually not set in yet.  One good reason to book your newborn session early?  A complimentary maternity mini session is my gift to you with a booked newborn session!

how long is the session?
For newborns, our shoot will be about 2-3 hours to allow for shooting, feeding, snuggling, etc.  Child and family sessions are about an hour.  Mini sessions are 25 minutes.

what should we wear?
For newborns and babies, I prefer the less is more approach.  That beautiful baby skin is all we need.  Although, I do love wraps and incorporating personal items.   For everyone else, anything goes.  Feel free to be as simple or as funky as you want.  Coordinating clothing photographs better than matching clothing.  Choose color over white for the main piece or focal point.  Different textures are a plus.  Accessories can be fun additions.  This post has some color combination suggestions.
Check out session posts on the blog for other ideas as well.  I do love faces and will focus on them, but clothing can make the difference between an image you like and an image you superduperheadoverheels love. is a great resource for unique custom made clothing and accessories.

Check out my What to Wear board and Color Combinations board on Pinterest for ideas. (Go ahead and follow my boards while you're there!)

And just let me know if you'd like help with clothing choices!

how much does it cost?
Clients typically invest between $700-$2000 including the session fee, depending on the event, their needs and their budget.  Professional photography, like other luxuries, is a choice and one worth saving for.  From wall art to albums to digital image files for archiving and more, portraiture has the power to pause this moment in the life of your family.  Replay anytime.

There is a $200 session fee that is applied to orders placed at the ordering appointment, about 14 business days after your shoot.  There you'll see your favorite faces, as well as beautiful products, and place your order.

does the session fee include pictures on a CD?
Products are not included in the session fee because it acts like a form of payment for orders over $200 placed at the ordering appointment.  It is deducted from your order total at the ordering appointment.  If you would like to order digital image files, they are available.  Please note that if you do not place an order at the ordering appointment or your order is under $200, the session fee remains a session fee and is not applied to any orders.

do you shoot weddings? 
I have shot weddings in the past, and while I enjoyed it, my heart lies in the documenting the life of a family.  I can recommend several wonderful wedding photographers, along with some helpful booking information.

do you take credit cards?
Yes.  Cash, check, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

we want our very own session!  how do we contact you?
Emailing is best. 
Let me know which images made you want your own session, and I'll get a feel for what you're looking for.  I can't wait to work together!

Even more info:

Already a client?  Yay!  (and also, I love you)
Getting to know you is so much fun, and I'm honored to photograph my repeat clients year after year.  You'll receive $100 off each portrait session!

Refer chp and reap the rewards!
Your trust means the world to me! When you tell your friends and family (and everyone else, too!) about how much fun we had and how much you love your images, you'll receive a $50 credit for each paid referral.  There are no limits and you can apply your credits to any purchase. A paid referral is a new client who completes a session.

good to note:
  • All services, fees and products are taxed at 6.75% in accordance with North Carolina law.
  • All fees are nonrefundable but may be used to hold a different session date if 24 hour notice is given. 
  • Ordered images only are archived for one year after your session date.  Any images not ordered are archived 21 days after the ordering appointment.  Archiving is not guaranteed, as media can corrupt.  
      • Due to the duration of maternity and newborn sessions, they are not eligible for mini sessions.
      • Travel fees will apply to locations greater than 20 miles from 28117.
      • Client is responsible for location fees if applicable.
      • The maximum allowable charge for returned checks will be applied.
      • Out of area and commercial commissions are available.
      • Installment plans available.
      • Policies, fees and pricing posted here supercede any other print or web material.

      also good to note if you plan to right click:

      Images are protected under the Copyright Act 1976, Title 17. 
      All images and site content are copyrighted by Candy Howard. 
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      Please don't steal.  It's not nice.  Thank you.