Savannah: The Byrd Cookie Company

On our last trip to Savannah, we had two friends with us who knew the area better than we did. I had the good fortune to be with them when they ventured into The Byrd Cookie Company, a Savannah staple since 1924.
Two words: cookie heaven.

There are rows and rows of fresh baked cookies in cute little tins. And what is so special about that, you ask?
Well, in front of every single type of cookie (and there were lots) is a little bin with samples.
Samples, people! For a girl with a sweet tooth like mine, that is nirvana.

Not to be missed: Benne Wafers, Key Lime Coolers and Chocolate Mint Cookies. They were out of the Pumpkin Spice Cookies or I know that would have been on the list. That just means I have to go back!

Thanks, Lee and Jen!


  1. I am able to tell them I am aware of what they're doing. I would absolutely suggest them on your next upkeep!

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