Tuesday Tip 8.25

Okay, so it's not Tuesday anymore, but I like 'Tuesday Tip' better than 'Wednesday Tip.' Sorry for the tardy tip, but school started yesterday! That's where my head (and heart) were yesterday. It's hard to believe my boys are so big!

So, in honor of a new school year, this week's post is about gettin' schooled! Or rather 'what to do and where to go when you want to learn more about photography.' There are so many different resources!
You really can choose your preferred method of learning and go to town.

There are hundreds out there. My recommendation for a good first book is Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. It is a nice jumping off point as well, because, while you may have different ideas and methods, his teaching is sound.

Classes and Workshops
You can take courses at your local college, online courses and hands-on workshops. I personally like workshops. They are usually in small groups and a bit more personal. You get to put in to practice what you've just learned.
Search locally for these.

Online Sites
Here's where it gets even more mind-boggling. The number of photography boards, help sites, forums, etc. is huge!
A great place to start is photojojo.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Let me know if you want more resources. Regardless of the method you choose - practice, practice, practice! Never before has your homework been so much fun!

Speaking of homework, here are my guys on the first day of school. A great reminder that catching the moment is more important than the right background, perfect lighting and worrying about crazy reflections from the flash on the backpack stripes! My eldest said it looked like he has on a jetpack (hence the pose!).

And yes, it was dark when we left for school!
I don't remember school starting so early when I was a kid!

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  1. That's just not right, kids going to school in the dark (and it's not even winter!)
    Thank you for another great set of tips. I'm curious to know more about where & how you honed your photography skills. Maybe I should interview you...You are highly entertaining after all!


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