Card Update

E, T, M and P are taken.  Will update the rest soon!  Happy Monday, Internet!

Tuesday Tip: Fun and easy gift idea!

Instant Silhouette!

Take a picture of your subject's profile, print at your desired size, tape to paper and cut around the outline of your subject! That's it! A beautiful, easy, fun and personal gift! The great part is you can get really creative. I did these a few years ago for a traditional silhouette look, but this year, I'm going to use some fun patterned paper, either the silhouette in white on the fun paper or using the patterned paper for the silhouette itself.  Happy cutting!

A sobering reminder for parents...

A fellow photographer shares her tragic loss in hopes of preventing another heartbreak.

 Here is the link to the postcard if you'd like to share it.

It's about the cards!

Here are the 2009 chp Christmas cards! I just love them! Each card can be customized. If you see one you want, order soon. This year, I am offering card exclusivity! When you purchase your card, it will no longer be available!

Flat cards - 2 panels

Folded cards - 4 panels
Two notes:
If you order a 5 x 5 card, please note whether you would like 5 x 5 or 5 x 7 envelopes.
There will be a small logo on the back of each card.

It's about the cuteness!: Mooresville Baby Photographer

Little E is one! Look how much she has grown since her last session here!

She still has the sweetest smile!
I just love this one!