Stop and see the lights 12/3

Tonight I asked the boys about their favorite Christmas memories.  Each said they didn't remember anything.
(I was proud of myself for not crying right away.)  So, I asked them if they remembered things that we did
each year - decorating a gingerbread house, making Snickerdoodles for Santa, and I was about to go on
when they each started saying things they remembered.  J said he loved walking around a corner at Nannie's house and seeing his new bike.  He said, "Everyone could hear that I found it!"  S said he remembered
getting his Leapster and using it right away in his new little chair.  He said, "It was so long ago that I
don't know if it was dream or if it really happened."

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  1. Aren't they funny?! Jacob couldn't remember who is cousin Kristen was the other day!! :O


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