Things Dad does not want for Father's Day:

A tie - Sorry, but he just doesn't.  I don't know who started this or when, but it's not a good idea.

Tools - He wants to pick out his own tools after crazy amounts of research and/or borrow them from a friend, if he wants them at all.

Funny boxers -

Golf accessories - First, make sure he IS a golfer.  I don't know why retailers think Father's Day = Golf Stuff. Second, I think this goes along with the tools.  He wants to pick this out on his own.

So what's a family to do?

#1 Dad mug - Perennial fav whether he drinks coffee or not and much better than the #1 Dad shirt, which might or might not get accidentally lost.  Whether he admits it or not, the mug is kind of expected, but not in a tie or tool way.  If you are in the Charlotte area, make it even more special at Meg-Art.  Tell 'em Candy sent ya.  It won't get you any discounts; just them I said hello.

Food - Whether you make it at home or go to a restaurant, you can't go wrong with something special for the big guy.

Artwork from the kids if they are small - If they are not, a stick figure from your 13 old is not what he has in mind.

Time, time, time - That could mean time with or without the family.  Don't judge.  It's his day.

Okay, time to get serious.  No matter what you do, be sure to tell him you love him (lots).

If you still need ideas (just trying to help [you didn't think I'd be serious for long, did you?]), you can give him a gift certificate for a session.  Your little guys won't be little for long, and you'll want to document those adoring eyes before they start rolling.  I will leave you with this (no pressure):

Dads, if you are reading this, it's okay to say that you want pictures of your kids.  Bonus: Big points for you!


  1. candy: you have such a gift!! these pic's of sweet kiddos with their gift of all hands down!!!!

  2. So true on things dad doesn't want! My kids and I will be making fun cookies that look like hamburgers! :)

  3. What a cute idea...and what precious photos. These are really wonderful!


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