Charlotte Maternity Photography : Just a few more....

I usually don't inundate you with a bunch of images from one session, but not this time! Just a few more of lovely L....

I love pictures with daddies! This dad has another sweet girl on the way. What a lucky man!
You can see more of this session here.

Huntersville NC Baby Photographer : Holden's hats

Mr. Holden is almost 18 months old! How did that happen?

I brought a few hats on a whim, not sure if he'd like them or not. Well, he did not want to take them off!

That is one cute kid!
Thanks bunches guys!

Gorgeous Mom to Be : Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer

I was so excited when L suggested shooting uptown for our session.  We had to reschedule for weather once, and then it was looking iffy on our new date.  We went for it, and I'm so glad we did!  We finished up just in time - thunder was rolling in as we were leaving. 

Is there any way that she could be any more beautiful?  Nope, didn't think so.   

Thank you so, so much!  I can't wait to meet your newest cutie!  Congratulations!

I Heart Faces : Shadows

Check out more here:

Mooresville, NC Family Photographer : Collage

This is a collage I put together for a client's family session, and I just love it. This one is 30x30, but can be 20x20 if that is a better fit for your wall. I don't recommend any smaller than 20x20 for collages because the images will be too small unless you are right in front of it.

Mooresville, NC Family Photographer : One Fine Day

This family and I met for a session in Mooresville on a lovely fall day (yes, fall!), and I had such a great time with them.
In addition to being lots of fun and super nice, they are completely gorgeous!

Side note: For clients getting ready for their sessions, take a look at Jenny's fabulous clothing selections.  This is a great example of how complementary colors and different textures can be neutral and still look fantastic.  I have some clients say that they don't want a lot of bright colors, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

Thanks so much guys!!!