Tuesday Tip : Lake Norman Macaroni Kid!

This week, I'd like to introduce Amy Reese with Lake Norman Macaroni Kid!
 Your business in a few words:
Lake Norman Macaroni Kid is a weekly e-newsletter that lists all the family friendly events in the Lake Norman area. We love to highlight local businesses that are relevant to families. There are over 400 Macaroni Kid sites around the country, and we own the rights to the Lake Norman area. The Charlotte area has 6 Macaroni Kid sites.

How long have you been in business?
Lake Norman Macaroni Kid has been active for almost a year now. I started it in August of last year, and my partner, Cindy Williams joined me in April.

Best reason to check out Lake Norman Macaroni Kid?
We are hyper-local. Charlotte is a very spread out city. Those of us living in Lake Norman are not going to drive to South Charlotte to find an activity for our kids. We list events close to home. I have 5 kids ranging in age from 1-12, so I am constantly looking for fun things to do! Our site gives parents one place to go to find awesome ways to entertain our kids.

Best thing about having your own business?
The best part of owning my own business is that I can set my own hours and stay home with my kids. Cindy and I are able to balance being in and out of town and can take turns pulling the heavier load. It works out great!

Favorite local business/places to shop etc: 
The Bradford Store is definitely a favorite in my family! We shop all the local farmers' markets. Cindy also runs Green Jeans Consignment Sale with her sister--that is a great event!

The best thing about buying local?
Buying local is important in so many ways. With our tough economic climate, buying local helps to keep money in our area. Buying local produce is so much healthier. I try to teach my kids the importance of buying local!

And last, but not least:
If you would like to become a subscriber, visit www.LakeNormanMacaroniKid.com and click on subscribe. You will get an email once a week (no junk email, we promise!). You can also visit our website to check the calendar and find out what is happening around town. To stay up to date between newsletters, you can like us on Facebook! If you have an event to add, email us at cindyw@macaronikid.com or amyr@macaronikid.com.

Thanks so much, Amy!!

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