12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Day 6 & Tuesday Tip

The winner of Day 4's McAlister's gift certificate is Jennifer Stevens!!!
Contact me to claim your yummy prize!

Speaking of yummy, let's have a combo Tuesday Tip and Day 6 giveaway!
Today's feature is Just Baked Cupcakes.

I know I use the word 'love' a lot.  I love this and I really love that
and I superduperheadoverheels love the other thing.  But I L.O.V.E. Just Baked Cupcakes.
I don't know if you know this, but I have a crazy sweet tooth.  I mean, it is just rotten.
(Don't know how my teeth aren't rotten.  Hee hee.)
So, I have tried my fair share of cupcakes (and then some).  From Vegas to New York,
I have blazed a cupcake trail that Martha, Sylvia, Duff, Karen and Alan would be proud of.
But you know what?  Nothing beats Just Baked.
When a friend told me about them earlier in the year,
I was game to try (see above re: sweet tooth),
but did not expect taste sensation I encountered.

(I think I might need to lay off the caffeine. I'm getting a little verbose.)

Anyway, they are fabulous and here is a little more about Just Baked
and the team behind those delicious creations: Chris and Missy Wallace.

How long have you been in business?
We opened for business on November 12, 2010

Best reason to shop with you?
 From the cupcakes to the coffee we serve only the best ... all of our cupcakes are
made fresh daily in small batches using only the finest ingredients.
  You can be assured that your cupcakes will be freshly baked just hours
before your purchase. We use only the finest ingredients such as sweet cream butter,
pure cane sugar, unbleached flour, pure Madagascar vanilla and all natural flavorings.
We serve Malabar Gold™ espresso which is a premium European espresso.
It is roasted in the "light" Northern Italian fashion and is mellow and low in acid.
The crema is deep reddish brown, fantastically rich, plentiful and persistent;
it is smooth and rich and syrup like. We offer everything from a" regular latte"
to the more complex "Salted Caramel Latte," using our house made caramel sauce.

Best thing about having your own business?
Our favorite thing about our business is the smile that is seems to bring
to everyone that comes in the door. Sometimes a customer will come in and
you can just tell that they are not having a good day.... they will order a cupcake
and latte and within a few minutes they are smiling and forgetting
about their troubles. We also really enjoy creating the cupcake flavors ... we will
see a certain chocolate bar or dessert and say "that should be a cupcake"
the very next week you are likely to see it on our menu.
It just seems that the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors....

Favorite local business/places to shop etc:
Alton's Kitchen and Bebe Gallini's

The best thing about buying local?
Quality products and supporting our community

  Thank you, Missy and Chris!

Be sure like their Facebook page to find out what the day's flavors are.

For our Day 6 giveaway, we have a Just Baked gift certificate!  Woo hoo!

To register for this giveaway, comment on this post or
on the chp facebook page that you want it!
One entry per person.
Giveaway active until midnight Eastern time.  Winner announced tomorrow.
Good luck!

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