A is five! : Mooresville Child Photographer : Candy Howard

This little beauty came in for a session today, and it was so good to see her!
I met her and her family when she was just two weeks old!  

I'm totally in love with this session - the fun we had and the images made!
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Navy and orange wrap by Vintage Rose Wraps.  Love them!
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A told me some great jokes!
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Thank you, thank you, Stephanie!!!  Loved seeing you both!

Not so little : Mooresville Child Photographer: Candy Howard

Took a few test shots of the boys recently. Wow, are they getting big!

Sweet Baby K is One! : Lake Norman Baby Photographer : Candy Howard

I got to see Miss Kendall just after her first birthday!
Can't believe she is a baby planner graduate already!

 First, she was inquisitive as we got to know each other again.
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Then, it was time to play!
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A little serious face 'cause she knows I like those ;)
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And back to frivolity!
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Cute, cute, cute!
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Then, she said "Guys, we're good.  I think we all know how adorable I am.  Let's call it a day."
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Thank you so very much, S and K!  I've loved sharing K's first year with you!!

Emery is here! : Lake Norman Newborn Photographer : Candy Howard

I was so thrilled to hear that little E had arrived! What a blessing for this sweet family!

 Congratulations, T's!!!!

life is sweet : Essie Nail Color

I have a little bit of an obsession with nail color.
I've had one manicure and two pedicures in my entire life
because I change my nail color so often that it just doesn't make sense.
Plus, I like doing it myself.  It's relaxing.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Essie if you haven't heard already.
I just love Essie's colors and would probably use them even if they weren't great quality.
But, lucky us - they are!!!   They have so many colors to choose from,
but I tend to gravitate toward the muted colors.
They almost seem like they have a little haze to cut down on vibrance.
Except for Wrapped in Rubies.  It's not one of the muted colors, and it is fabulous!
I got it to wear on my birthday since it looks like garnet which is my birthstone (shush up).
It has a gold undertone, and it is gorgeous on!
And their Good to Go lets you paint and go!
It's not the most chip resistant topcoat, though, (or maybe I'm just too rough on it!)
so I use a regular topcoat and then Good to Go.

For a few years, I could only find Essie at salons and beauty stores,
but now Target carries it, too!

Happy painting!

Tuesday Tip: Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband showed me this a few years ago, 
and it still gets to me now like it did the first time I heard it.

On this commercial day of love,
look past the cards
and guilt for not having the "right" gift
or spending enough money
and look into your love's eyes.
Say I love you.
And say it often. 

Wonderland Styled Session : Charlotte Child Photographer : Candy Howard

This fun, fun session is from October 2010.  The blog post is MIA, though, so I'm making another one!  (Thanks, Ashley for letting me know!) 

Note:  There are lots of images in this post because it was hard to pick favorites!

So, on to the backstory: Mom had the idea to dress her children up in their adorable Halloween costumes for a shoot at a garden.  Loved it!  Loved it even more when she said I could shoot whatever I wanted!  We had so much fun thinking up different ideas and props, and we had a great time at the shoot.  Here are some highlights, and you can see the slideshow with the perfect song by Rabbit! here

 Thanks so much Ashley, for inviting me to Wonderland!

Valentine's Day : Mooresville Child Photographer

Langley and Holden came over for a Valentine mini
to help me test out some things in the studio,
and they were so cute!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to two of my favorite people!!
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Thanks, Ashley!!

Best. Chicken Salad. Ever.

Years ago, a friend shared with me a chicken salad recipe.  It was from the restaurant
that made my favorite chicken salad.  Ever.  It was closing (why? oh, why?).
She knew the owners and how much I loved their chicken salad.
I won't lie.  I begged her for the recipe.  So, she also knew how the possibility
of never ever in my whole life having that chicken salad made me a little sad.

A little.  That's funny.  

Anyway, I have been in chicken salad heaven ever since.  Now, you can be, too.  Enjoy!

(Disclaimer:  Their's was not a recipe, so much as an ingredient list.
(which I loved, by the way . . .  it added the the already stellar aura
of the famed chicken salad).  My notations are in (  ).

Best. Chicken Salad. Ever.

Chicken breasts (3 boiled, then shredded)
Vidalia onion (1/2 to whole, depending on size and how much you like them, finely chopped)
Celery (2 stalks, finely chopped)
Duke's mayo (reduced fat, 2 heaping tablespoons, more if desired)
Sour cream (reduced fat, but not fat free...ew, 2 heaping tablespoons, more if desired)
White pepper
(1/2 cup Craisins, if desired)
(Add all ingredients except spices to bowl.  I cover the ingredients with light dusting of each spice . . .  kind of a 2 second shake for each.  Mix, taste and adjust if necessary.)

 Well, there you go!  The spices are what make this stand out from
your typical chicken salad, but it still tastes like chicken salad.
I add craisins to mine if I want it a little sweetness.   Yum!