Best. Chicken Salad. Ever.

Years ago, a friend shared with me a chicken salad recipe.  It was from the restaurant
that made my favorite chicken salad.  Ever.  It was closing (why? oh, why?).
She knew the owners and how much I loved their chicken salad.
I won't lie.  I begged her for the recipe.  So, she also knew how the possibility
of never ever in my whole life having that chicken salad made me a little sad.

A little.  That's funny.  

Anyway, I have been in chicken salad heaven ever since.  Now, you can be, too.  Enjoy!

(Disclaimer:  Their's was not a recipe, so much as an ingredient list.
(which I loved, by the way . . .  it added the the already stellar aura
of the famed chicken salad).  My notations are in (  ).

Best. Chicken Salad. Ever.

Chicken breasts (3 boiled, then shredded)
Vidalia onion (1/2 to whole, depending on size and how much you like them, finely chopped)
Celery (2 stalks, finely chopped)
Duke's mayo (reduced fat, 2 heaping tablespoons, more if desired)
Sour cream (reduced fat, but not fat free...ew, 2 heaping tablespoons, more if desired)
White pepper
(1/2 cup Craisins, if desired)
(Add all ingredients except spices to bowl.  I cover the ingredients with light dusting of each spice . . .  kind of a 2 second shake for each.  Mix, taste and adjust if necessary.)

 Well, there you go!  The spices are what make this stand out from
your typical chicken salad, but it still tastes like chicken salad.
I add craisins to mine if I want it a little sweetness.   Yum!

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