life is sweet : Essie Nail Color

I have a little bit of an obsession with nail color.
I've had one manicure and two pedicures in my entire life
because I change my nail color so often that it just doesn't make sense.
Plus, I like doing it myself.  It's relaxing.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Essie if you haven't heard already.
I just love Essie's colors and would probably use them even if they weren't great quality.
But, lucky us - they are!!!   They have so many colors to choose from,
but I tend to gravitate toward the muted colors.
They almost seem like they have a little haze to cut down on vibrance.
Except for Wrapped in Rubies.  It's not one of the muted colors, and it is fabulous!
I got it to wear on my birthday since it looks like garnet which is my birthstone (shush up).
It has a gold undertone, and it is gorgeous on!
And their Good to Go lets you paint and go!
It's not the most chip resistant topcoat, though, (or maybe I'm just too rough on it!)
so I use a regular topcoat and then Good to Go.

For a few years, I could only find Essie at salons and beauty stores,
but now Target carries it, too!

Happy painting!

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