"There's something that's so sweet about beginnings"

This post is late because it is hard to finish it.  I keep watching the slideshow, thinking, remembering, and then, of course, the tears come.

My eldest son turned 12 on Friday.  T-W-E-L-V-E.

My sweet Jack.  I still call him that.  He doesn't complain, so I have no plans to stop.  He is such a great kid - kind, funny, empathetic and helpful.  He's a loyal friend and quick to hug his mom (don't tell his friends).

And it WAS just tonight that they placed him in my arms....


When I decided to put this slideshow together, I was quickly reminded why I do what I do for living.  Not only do I love what pregnancy and a baby's first days mean in the life of a family, I know first hand what it means to NOT have those images.  When I was newly pregnant with my first child, my sweet Jack, we had recently moved to this area, and I searched and searched for a maternity and newborn photographer without success.   There were four talented child and family photographers in the area at the time, but none who specialized in maternity and newborns.  We have pictures that I treasure, of course, but not like what I had in mind.  It was just serendipity that I had always wanted to transition my lifelong serious hobby into a career and we moved to an area without photographers specializing in my favorite subjects!   Now (after several years of training and a little push in the form of a health scare), I am able to give my clients that gift, and it means so much to me.  More than I can say.

Some may say if this is a post about your son's birthday, then why are you talking business?  It's because my business is so personal, so emotionally charged, that talking about my family lends itself to talking about your families.  You are not just clients to me.


  1. Kate (McAnally) AndrewsApril 4, 2012 at 7:33 PM

    This is AWESOME!!!!

    You had him when YOU were 12, right??

  2. Candy, I cried. Can't stop crying. So Precious, so special. I love him....and you.

  3. I tried and tried not to cry, but I did. Absolutely beautiful, just like Jack.


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