Ninth Birthday Giveaway!!!

Candy Howard Photography turns nine on June 30!
Nine is my favorite number!
And I am partial, yes, but Candy Howard Photography is my favorite business!
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it," you say.  "So, what does that mean for us?"
Well, internet, I am so glad you asked!

I think a ninth birthday deserves a giveaway!  With nine prizes!

But first, I have to thank the people who helped me reach this!  I am so honored to share memories with you.  I am humbled by your trust and confidence.  I will continue to show the creativity, professionalism, safety and simultaneous calmness and zaniness that you have chosen me for, and I look forward to many more memories together. 

Okay, here they are, in no particular order.....

$15 Starbucks gift card

$20 Target gift card

4 (four!) 8x10 Frames $32 value each

One hour Photography Basics class, taught by yours truly
$75 value

Winner's choice of two items from my Lakebaby accessory line
headbands, clips, wraps, halos, crowns and more!
Up to $30 value

And the big prize......
One newborn session in the studio
one 1 hour session for up to 4 people
10 mid resolution image files!
Session to be held before 12/31/2012 and within 20 miles of zip code 28117.

So, how do you enter?  There are, of course, 9 ways to earn entries.
Do one or do them all, but do them before midnight (EST) on Saturday, June 30, 2012.
You can leave a comment for each entry or one comment with all the entries you did. 
Entry 1: Leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite session or a funny memory from a session or (going deep here) how you feel looking back on your images or anything about a session or your images.  
Entry 2: Not a client yet?  (What are you waiting for!?)  Leave a comment this blog post with which prize is your favorite or just say Happy Birthday!  Clients, you can do this one for an entry, too!
Entry 3: Subscribe to this blog.  Click on the orange RSS button on the far left of the screen.  It's at the top of the stack with my twitter, pinterest and facebook buttons.
Entry 4: Follow me on twitter and tweet this: @CandyHoward is having a birthday giveaway!
Entry 5: Post this on your facebook profile: @Candy Howard Photography is having a birthday giveaway!
Entry 6: Like the chp facebook page.
Entry 7: Share the chp facebook page.
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Entry 9: Share the Lakebaby page facebook page.
(How to share: Go to the page you'll be sharing.  To the right of the 'Like' and/or 'Message' button is a little gear icon with a down arrow.  Click on it and then on 'Share.'  Add your own text if you like and then click 'Share on Page' on the bottom!)

Fine print:
One winner per prize, so there will be nine winners!
Winners will be contacted by email, so please include an accurate email when posting.  They are not shown, unless you include it with your comment text.
Prizes and winners will be drawn by random number generator or one of my children, whichever is available and interested. 
Winning entries will be verified before winners are announced, and winners will be redrawn if necessary.

Tuesday Tip : Berry Trifle

I knew I was going to write this post while I was making this treat for our neighborhood's annual summer picnic, so I took a few pictures before heading off the festivities.  Well, I didn't know there was an entree and dessert contest this year!  And this little beauty won!  So, these are from before she was famous...

Trifle is such an easy dessert to make.  Don't let that mislead you, though, because it is delicious and makes a beautiful presentation when served in a...are you ready?...trifle bowl!  Pretty clever name, eh?  Well, that's what they're called.  Don't hurt the messenger.

So, here's my recipe. I've tried lots of different ones and have adopted bits and pieces over the years until coming up with this one that we use pretty regularly. That is, unless we are out of something and need to do some substituting. Trifle is pretty forgiving and always yummy.  You can use real custard for a decadent treat or whipped topping for a lighter dessert instead the mixture in the recipe.  I just added the ginger jelly about a year ago when I was low on orange marmalade, and I love it!  I add it every time now.

Berry Trifle

1 pound/loaf cake or angel food cake, depending on how you are feeling and whether you want low cal (loaf..well, lowER) or low fat (angel)
1 pkg (3.3 oz) instant white chocolate pudding mix
1 pkg (3.3 oz) instant cheesecake pudding mix
3 cups light whipped topping
2 1/3 cup skim milk
3/4 cup of orange marmalade
3 tablespoons ginger jelly (leave out if you don't like ginger, but this gives the trifle that special flavor)
6-8 cups fresh berries, cut into bite size pieces (strawberries, blueberries, black berries, raspberries or any fruit you have on hand)

Prepare pudding mixes together according to directions, but only use 2 1/3 cups milk total.
Fold whipped topping into pudding to make a light custard.  Chill for 30 minutes.
Cut cake horizontally in 3-4 thin layers.
Mix orange marmalade and ginger jelly in a microwave safe bowl and heat until spreadable, 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Lay out slices of cake and spread or brush orange-ginger sauce generously on each slice.
(The rest is messy.  Wash hands after each cake layer to keep your trifle looking spiffy.)
Cut cake slices into bite size pieces about 1" by 1."
Place one layer of cake pieces in bottom of trifle bowl.  Cover with layer of berries and then a layer of the custard.
Repeat twice for a total of three layers, reserving some berries for garnish if desired.
Chill if you can stand it.  If not, enjoy right away!

If you want your own trifle bowl, this one is from Pampered Chef.  It has a lid and a removable pedestal that stores inside.
We've had a few trifle bowls over the years (did I mention that I REALLY love trifle?), and this one is, by far, my favorite.
If you are local, Mechelle Uhl's site is here, and if you are not, Katie Arthur's site is here.

M Sisters and a friend : Mooresville Photographer : Candy Howard

I met these girls years ago,
and it was so good to see them!
They are quite the young ladies now.
I miss their cute smocked dresses,
but I loved talking and having fun with them during our session!

And when they suggested a few with their lovely friend, I was smiling all over.  Horses and turtles are my favorite animals!
(Yeah, I know.  Strange combination, but there you go.)
I love, love, love this!

Thanks, K! The girls are just beautiful, inside and out!

Saying goodbye : Mine

There is only one smartest dog in the world, and every boy has it.
Louis Sabin

Thirteen years, two kids and three homes ago,
we brought our Bishop home.
Yesterday, we let him go.

Every boy should have two things: a dog and a mother willing to let him have one.
Robert Benchley

Rest in peace, puppy. We miss you.

Miss K : Mooresville Lake Norman Newborn Photographer : Candy Howard

A girl!!!
You know I love baby boys just as much as baby girls,
but wow, it had been a while since I had a newborn girl in the studio!
Lots and lots of boys!
Little K was worth the wait, though ....

Crown and headpiece are from my lakebaby accessory line.  Check it out here and here!

Happy Father's Day!

I meet lots of children.
From a few days old to ones with grandchildren.
I have the same wish for each one.
This is the kind of dad I want them to have . . .

He says "I love you" easily and often.  And means it.

You know that what you say is important to him.

Whether you are an only child or one of many, when you're together he makes you feel like you're the only person he wants to be with.

He teaches you something he is good at.

If the two of you disagree on something, big or small, he does it respectfully and in a way that helps you see his point of view.

He smiles when he sees you.

You feel like it is a pleasure, not a chore, to do things together.

He is a good citizen, never hesitating to help someone in need.

He is quick with a hug, for no reason at all.

He shows you the value of hard work, without complaining about it.

He takes time out to play.

He doesn't talk poorly about people or gossip.

He is not ashamed to cry.

You feel like you can do anything because you know that he's in your corner.

I had a dad like that.  And it made all the difference in my life. 

Girl's Night Out Vendor & Local Small Business Fair

Huntersville Girl's Night Out
Vendor & Local Small Business Fair
Thursday, 6/14
6p - 9p
13015 Rosedale Hill Avenue
Huntersville NC 28078

Join us for a Girl's Night Out featuring over 50 vendors and small businesses.
Each business has contributed an item to be raffled off during the event,
which will result in lots of free giveaways for our shoppers!
There will also be complimentary light refreshments as well as samples from several local restaurants.
This event is free and open to the public!
Many of the businesses will have items in stock and ready for sale.
Charlotte Warehouse Sale will have new overstock clothing and shoes available to buy.
Hosted by Charlotte Warehouse Sale & Charlotte Style Exchange.

Jaxson : Mooresville NC Newborn Baby Photographer : Candy Howard

Little J was very alert for his session!
Look those eyes!
He was a Houdini with my swaddles, too!
Really, he was so fast and skilled!
We did get a few of him tucked in and snoozing, though.
What a beautiful baby!
He has the cutest little lips!
Thanks so much, C and K!

Blue button hat is from my lakebaby accessory line.  Check it out here and here!