Happy Father's Day!

I meet lots of children.
From a few days old to ones with grandchildren.
I have the same wish for each one.
This is the kind of dad I want them to have . . .

He says "I love you" easily and often.  And means it.

You know that what you say is important to him.

Whether you are an only child or one of many, when you're together he makes you feel like you're the only person he wants to be with.

He teaches you something he is good at.

If the two of you disagree on something, big or small, he does it respectfully and in a way that helps you see his point of view.

He smiles when he sees you.

You feel like it is a pleasure, not a chore, to do things together.

He is a good citizen, never hesitating to help someone in need.

He is quick with a hug, for no reason at all.

He shows you the value of hard work, without complaining about it.

He takes time out to play.

He doesn't talk poorly about people or gossip.

He is not ashamed to cry.

You feel like you can do anything because you know that he's in your corner.

I had a dad like that.  And it made all the difference in my life. 

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