Two little turtles : Davidson Family Photographer : Candy Howard

I don't think I ever posted this! It is a favorite from a few years ago. Mom wanted a shot of hers and dad's tattoos, and I love it! (I also love them!)

J & I : Mooresville Children's Photographer : Candy Howard

I loved seeing these two again! They have grown so much since last year! The both have the best smiles!
Thanks, K & J! 

Party of Five : Davidson Family Photographer : Candy Howard

The sweet J's were referred by their friends! Thank you! Thank you!
I love meeting new people AND the vote of confidence from you lovelies already in the family!

Thank you, Nikki and Pat! It was so nice to meet you and your family!

Friday Sweet Spot : Lake Norman Mooresville Maternity Photographer : Candy Howard

Time for a little flashback! This is gorgeous M from April 2009. Her mom makes these pickles! And they are sooooo good!

Valentine Sweetness : Cornelius Lake Norman Maternity Photographer : Candy Howard

 Kelly is just too cute!  Her mom joined in the fun, too, and they are just precious together!

Tuesday Tip on Thursday: Hearty Carrot Snack

I first saw this idea on Pinterest, and my thought process went like this:
(First 2.5 seconds)
How cute!
My kids won't eat soup.
Carrot sticks! They love raw carrots!
(Next hour)
Holy cow! This is taking a LONG time!
Still worth it, though because they are crazy cute!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Original idea for carrot hearts for soup is from Recipe by Photo.