Baby days : Gaston NC Newborn Photographer : Candy Howard

Baby Quinn is here!  And that means Kendall is a big sister!!
Be still my heart...
In case you missed her facebook preview....

Thank you, Suzanne and Kevin!!  I'm so happy for you FOUR!!

Huntersville NC Family Photographer : Candy Howard : The Biggs

I mentioned earlier that I got to photograph two of my favorite families this fall.  What a treat!

Here are the Biggs!  I had the very good fortune to meet mom when we were both beginning the beautiful ride known as motherhood in 2000.
Along with some other special ladies, those first few years were navigated with comfort, support, laughs and the all too often "that's nothing to worry about...happens all the time" feedback that is so important to hear from someone traveling the same road as you.
As the years have passed, I've gained a wonderful friend and watched this family grow, and I am so proud to know them.

(Great colors here, too.  I love the way coordinating neutral colors photograph.  And the pop of red is perfect!)
Thank you, thank you, Emily and Scott!  We love you guys!!  Same time next year?  The kids and I already agreed to it!

Davidson Family Photographer : The Rehorns : Candy Howard

This fall, I got to photograph two of my favorite families.  They say friends are like the family you choose, and I am very fortunate to know these two wonderful groups of people.

First up - the fabulous Rehorns!

I was so, so happy for this shoot!
I've been lucky enough to photograph these littles since, well, since they were little. :)
But, I had not photographed the whole family yet.  
And (insert maniacal laugh here), they don't know what kind of trouble they've unleashed....
Now I won't let them go another year without it!

I love, love, love these guys!!

(Side note: Take a look at the great colors they wore!)
Thanks so much Ryan and Ashley!  We love you!

Channeling Oprah: What I Know for Sure

There are some things that stay with you, no matter how many times they happen.  A smile from a little face.  A kind word that you needed and someone just knew.  The easy, but wonderful way your hand fits with your love's.  And so many more. 

On the business side, one of my favorite things (hey, another Oprah-ism!) is walking into a client's home and seeing the life of their family on their walls...
On their shelves...
On their tables...
...AND (this is my favorite part of this favorite thing),
 listening to and watching them talk about those images. 
The excitement, the nostalgia, the happy sighs that say 'wasn't that just yesterday?' of the parents and children both.  
Even if a child is too young to remember the actual sessions, they've been told the stories of that time, that year, that day.  They know 'this is us.  This is who loves me.'

You can see it in the family's eyes and hear in their voices - these images mean something.
Not just something, but everything.
They are the journey of that family.
They are a placeholder in time.
An anchor that marks home no matter how long they've been away.
A stake in the mountain as they climb, always knowing they're safe.

What I know for sure is I want that for all my clients.  I want that for myself and my family. 

Baby Rita : Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Remember this beauty from my facebook page?
Well, here is more of her sweet face and her lovely family....
Rita's aunt made these for her!!!
Congratulations, Ed and Mirna!!!