Huntersville NC Family Photographer : Candy Howard : The Biggs

I mentioned earlier that I got to photograph two of my favorite families this fall.  What a treat!

Here are the Biggs!  I had the very good fortune to meet mom when we were both beginning the beautiful ride known as motherhood in 2000.
Along with some other special ladies, those first few years were navigated with comfort, support, laughs and the all too often "that's nothing to worry about...happens all the time" feedback that is so important to hear from someone traveling the same road as you.
As the years have passed, I've gained a wonderful friend and watched this family grow, and I am so proud to know them.

(Great colors here, too.  I love the way coordinating neutral colors photograph.  And the pop of red is perfect!)
Thank you, thank you, Emily and Scott!  We love you guys!!  Same time next year?  The kids and I already agreed to it!

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